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About me 

Quite simply, I've always loved drawing. 
I drew all the way through school, all the way through college, I think I will be drawing all the way through life. 
I love to draw and sculpt the human form.
There is something magical for me about the power of the human figure. 
When reality hit after college, I got my first job designing logos. I moved on from this to designing packaging, I never forced these things to happen they just seemed to organically lead on from one another. One type of creativity morphed into the next. 
I then gravitated to drawing storyboards for commercials and films. Doing this led me to become an art director, thinking of creative ideas for tv and advertising. After many years, I became a creative director and then an executive creative director.
Throughout my career there was always an underlying longing to get back to basics, drawing and sculpting. 
I decided to drop everything, go full circle and start drawing and sculpting again! I am now happy to say I do it professionally. 
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